Creative e-courses, retreats and mixed media art + adventure workshops led by American artist Stephanie Levy in Berlin, join us :) xo

Do you enjoy mixed media art, delicious food, and European culture?

Join us for a Berlin Art Workshop!

For the past two years, international participants have joined our Berlin Art Workshops from the US, Canada, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, and many countries throughout Europe.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the city of Berlin and meet creative friends from all over the globe.

In our Berlin Art Workshop, you'll make experimental artwork and get fresh inspiration. You'll also have the chance to see Berlin - my favorite city in the world!

If you've ever wanted create mixed media art while soaking up European culture in a upbeat, relaxed environment - our Berlin Art Workshop is the perfect opportunity for you.

Peek behind the scenes at our past workshops here and here + read my FAQ below to find out more.

Studio photos by photographer Alexandre de Brabant

Do I need to be an artist or have previous experience to take part in your workshop?

No experience is necessary for my workshops and ALL levels are welcome. 

I believe that everyone is creative.

Our historic, light filled studio will provide you with a beautiful atmosphere to learn and work. 

It's a lovely space where you'll discover new techniques and have the chance to experiment with color, paint, collage, mixed media, stamps, stencils, and more.

Our Berlin Art Workshop features plenty of creative studio time and many new + unusual art materials.

You'll also find out about the most interesting museum and gallery exhibitions in Berlin, and I'll share all the insider tips about Berlin I know. I'm a huge Berlin fan, and I'm excited to share my love of this city with you!

All participants will receive my specially prepared Berlin guide to download in advance, which includes many interesting Berlin tips for cafes, restaurants, shopping, galleries, museums, day spas, travel tips and the best blogs and websites for Berlin, plus airport transfer info, and more.

Do I need to bring my own art materials?

No worries - ALL of your art materials are included in the workshop.

Our Berlin Art Workshop is focused on experimentation, learning about new techniques, mixed media, and collage. 

The only thing you need to bring is yourself, an open mind, and the desire for a creative adventure.

"Words cannot adequately describe the joy this workshop has brought to me. It was profound. Stephanie made everyone feel comfortable from the very first minute onward and the community of likeminded women from all over the world made me feel as though I somehow had come home.

As a graphic designer I usually work at the computer. It was such a pleasure and truly satisfying how the workshop gave me permission to say YES to playing with "real" colors, paper, glue and brushes again :-) It 
definitely strengened my creative muscles!

The idea of the special combination of making art and exploring Berlin is absolutely brilliant! For those on a creative journey the art + adventure workshops berlin are invaluable."

- Martina Rehberg-Kortner,

Where should I stay while visiting Berlin?

Berlin is a very affordable, relaxed city, and there is a great variety available for everyone's budget and taste.

When you sign up for the workshop, I'll be happy to provide you with a participant recommended list of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and apartments in Berlin. Here are a few Berlin hotel tips to get you started.

To give you the most freedom and flexibility during your stay in Berlin, accommodations are not included in the workshop fee.

What about our daily meals?

During our weekend workshop days, we'll enjoy healthy snacks + delicious catered lunches.

We provide vegetarian and vegan alternatives for everyone, and we're happy to take care of any special needs you have due to food allergies.

Berlin is truly a "foodie paradise" with talented young chefs who will delight us with their colorful and imaginative lunchtime offerings.

Dinner is on your own, but on Friday and Saturday nights I'll be reserving a table at a casual local restaurant to meet with anyone who'd like to come. Our groups had a great time during evening meals in our past workshops - but if you prefer to relax or go on your own Berlin adventures, that's perfectly fine too.
"Imagine: a studio filled with the most amazing light and a lovely view on a historical site, tables filled with a broad variety of colourful materials and different textures to play with, piles of inspiring books written and created by artists from all over the world, home made, heavenly and healthy food for lunch and in-between moments, when creative enthusiasm asks for extra energy, pairs and pairs of glittering eyes, people radiating happiness as they are following their heart and putting magic to their canvases, dreaming of a boat trip following the flow of the river Spree, criss-crossing Berlin by taking the U- and S-Bahn and by walking alongside its unique history, getting fascinated by the stunning art and architecture of Berlin, enjoying the afterglow of last night's dinner, an animated chat and a delightful glass of wine in one of the charming little restaurants of this vibrant city.
Stephanie, from your many e-courses I already knew you are an angel: thanks to this wonderful and perfectly organized workshop I know you are a star! Thank you so much for being the fantastic woman you are: doing what you do with passion and an eye for every single detail. I'll be back in September as I can't wait to experience this again and to meet new people and virtual friends in person! To many, many more!"
- Elke Colle, Belgium 

Are you worried about language difficulties in Germany? Don't be!

Berlin is a very international place these days and just about everyone speaks English. 

I speak fluent German, so we won't have any communications problems on that end either. Designer Christine Gerlach will be assisting us again this year, and she speaks fluent German and English as well.

Any other questions about my Berlin Art Workshop?

Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions at

Join us to experience art and culture in Berlin.

You'll make new friends from around the world and your creative ideas will have time and space to flourish.

The Berlin Art Workshop will include:

  • all of your art materials for the workshop + two full days of instruction 
  • a special "made in Berlin" goody bag filled with handmade treats
  • a complimentary meet + greet welcome drink at one of my favorite cafes
  • 2 healthy, delicious catered lunches prepared fresh by one of Berlin's best chefs
  • yummy snacks during our workshop
  • unlimited access to our private Berlin Art Workshop Facebook group where you can connect and keep in touch with other participants
  • my updated 2015 Berlin Guide to download - full of my personal top travel tips + links for Berlin

I look forward to meeting you in Berlin!

p.s. - To receive news about my upcoming workshops and courses, be sure to sign up for my newsletter here.


This fun "Bollywood style" video was made by 2014 workshop participant Claudia Frey ( + thank you Claudia for sharing! This video always makes me smile.


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