Happy Birthday to Sarah (and me)

Happy Birthday to Ithaca, NY artist Sarah Ahearn!
We discovered that we have the same birthday through her lovely Etsy shop, and we decided to send one another birthday greetings. Did you know Hemingway shared our birthday too?
Sarah was much faster than I this morning, but I have a fevering 10 month old baby, and it has been difficult to get to the computer -or do anything else- today. Thanks Sarah for your lovely cupcakes, they look delicious!

Nope, I didn't bake these cakes myself, but one of the best things about living in Germany is the amazing variety of bakeries! We bought three different kinds, so Sarah take your pick: Chocolate Mousse (incredible!), Spanish Vanilla (with marzipan and white chocolate), and Summer Dream (a citrusy cheesecake with fresh nectarines and raspberries). I can only testify that they all tasted even better than they look!

Also, thanks so much to Jan at Poppytalk for her wonderful Something Special post on my work today. What a great birthday present to be interviewed on Poppytalk! And to top it all off, Poppytalk Handmade (where both Sarah and I are showing our work) was featured today on Daily Candy. A great start for the upcoming year!