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Camilla Engman is one of the most well-known and well-loved artist/illustrators in the art and design blog scene. Her unique drawings, paintings, and illustrations are simply found all over the place in the online world as well as in galleries and shops internationally. I always enjoy visiting her blog because of her very special and personal way of finding and sharing new sources of art and inspiration + her photographic eye is marvelous. I am especially delighted to share her "artists who blog" interview with you today!

Why did you decide to start a blog?

My blogging (hi)story goes like this:

The long version:
I had never met another dog with the same breed as Morran. I got excited to know there was a small group of people and dogs with the same breed that gathered once in a while. Finally meeting them, I noticed they had the same characteristics, good and bad, and somehow this touched me. I wanted to make sure these gatherings would continue so I offered to make a website where they could put the information and make it all easier. And so I did. There was very little to put on the website and I had just bought my first digital camera. Of course I photographed Morran a lot. I started with "Morran's photo diary", two photos almost every day in about two years. Morran had about 30-40 readers every day; I found that amazing.

During this time I started to read blogs with other topics than dogs, blogs about crafting. Through these, I found my way out in the world. Back then, there weren't so many of them, compared to how it is now, and most of them looked pretty ugly. But nevertheless, it was amazing. So much creativity! So much creative happiness! To surf around on these sites made me euphoric. Overloaded with inspiration.

One day, I ended up on Rosa Pomar's blog and was overwhelmed. I felt that I just had to tell her how fantastic her creations and blog were. My first comment! I think that before I had my own blog I felt a little bit like I were sneaking around, peeping, stealing inspiration. I left the address for Morran's photo diary (and excused myself that I didn't have a blog, that only my dog had one :). When she answered something happened, I realised I could be a part of all of this, not just a peeping Tom. I wanted to be involved and to give back some of all the inspiration I'd gotten. After that, I threw myself out there.

The short version:
I wanted to be a part of the crafting community, to give something back to the community that had given me so much inspiration.

How has blogging effected your work as an artist/designer?

My eye is much more sure of what's good and bad (in my point of view). Putting things up there makes me see it in another way. My creative self-reliance is much better.

What are your favorite artist/design blogs? Why?

Too many to list!
1. I like to visit blogs by people I know, people I've met.
2. Blogs by people that I feel I know, people that I would like to contact if I visited their city.
3. Blogs that keep me updated and blogs that inspire.

Why do you think blogs have now become so popular with artists/designers?

It is fun, inspirational, and comforting to meet people that are interested in the same thing as you are. Humans like to be involved.

Do you have any advice for artists/designers who are starting a blog?

Hmm.... I think whatever you do you need to be true, or a very clever liar. Just give as much as you can afford (emotionally), and don't expect anything back (you will probably get more than enough). Never forget it is supposed to be fun.

What has been the most positive and inspirational aspect of having a blog for you?

Definitely all the people I've met! Some in real life and some on the web only (so far).
The feeling of being a part of something, a wonderful community. All the fun assignments it has given me.

Thank you Camilla for participating and for sharing your wonderfully entertaining hi(story) of blogging!

(photo of Camilla and Morran by Elizabeth Dunker)