Lucia Day & Xmas Update

In case anyone has wondered what happened to us this week... my little one was very sick with a cough and high fever, so everything else kind of took a back seat until she got better. Last night was the first night she had in a week without coughing and fever - finally! - and then this morning my two-year-old shut her hand in the apartment door. Two fingers very black and blue and many tears, but also better now.

However, I do have happier times to share! December 13th was "St. Lucia Day" - and since the Bavarian tradition of celebrating your "name day" is very strong, I baked Lucia Buns from a Swedish recipe I found. I'm not much of a baker of yeast breads, but these turned out fairly well. Swedish readers, I would love to get your very authentic Lucia Bun recipes.

One of the reasons we chose the name Lucia was because of the lovely Swedish tradition of girls wearing crowns of candles on the day of light, or Lucia Day. It would be so exciting to visit Sweden for this holiday to celebrate!

We also had some family fun last weekend (before anyone got sick) making cookies to decorate.

If you'd like detailed information on how to make an Advent wreath like mine, Irene featured some of my quick Christmas decorating ideas with candles on Bloesem this week :)

The wonderful Jan at Poppytalk posted my Munich Shopping Tour with photos of all my favorite local places to get unique and unusual Xmas gifts, so please drop by and have a look. It's like a mini photo vacation to Munich - my treat for you this weekend :)

Let's hope the upcoming week is much better, because I still have lots to share - just stay tuned...