Out and About in Munich

As I was out running errands the other day in Munich's pedestrian zone, it struck me how beautiful and very European the architecture was. This is just a snapshot of the old "Rathaus" or town hall at Marienplatz, which is the center of Munich's main shopping area.

Yes, it was cold and the sky was gray, but still I felt lucky to be experiencing living abroad in a different culture than where I grew up (looks quite different than rural Tennessee!) I've been living here for so long now, I sometimes start to take things for granted. One of the things I most love about Germany is being able to do almost all of your shopping by foot - and often there are lots of nice things to look at, and sometimes taste :)

For instance, in the wintertime, you see quaint little stands all over the place selling "heisse Maroni" or "hot chestnuts."

Maybe it is because the winter is so long and dark here, but the florist shops do an incredible job of brightening things up. I loved seeing this small table full of colored vases and fresh blooms.

This is another shot of a florist's shop I took before Christmas for my Munich shopping tour over at Poppytalk. Don't these warm colors cheer you up on a winter's day? Hope you are having a good one - whether it's blazing hot (hi Australia) or snowy and cold (hi Sweden) in your part of the world :)