Pikaland & Arte Interviews

I've been away from the computer for the past few days, but I do have good excuses. I've been busy in the studio working on my new "gartenliebe" series (in progress above), and I've given a couple of interviews. The first interview was with the lovely Amy of the Pikaland: The Illustrated Life blog, who always manages to find an array of beautiful work by my favorite artists and designers for her PikaPackage Project. You can read a bit more about how I spend my daily life here.

The other very exciting thing that happened this week is that a camera team from "Arte" - a German/French culture & arts channel- visited my studio for an interview and to film a series of works that I created using Ikea lamps. The original works they stumbled across on the Ikea Hacker website had already been sold, so I had to make a couple of new series - quickly.

I covered these glass lamps using a variety of handmade papers. I like how they become little cubes of glowing color when lit up.

This small series of abstract, Bauhaus style lamps was made for the children's room.

These individual shots are of lamps from the series hanging on the wall.

The interview will be broadcast sometime in May on Arte's series called "Chic - The European Lifestyle Magazine", which features current trends, art, and design in Europe. I still can't quite believe that my work will be included. After the May broadcast, the interview will also be up for viewing on the Arte/Chic website. It was even more difficult than I had imagined, speaking about my artwork in German in front of a camera. I hope the results will turn out to be okay - if I'm terrible, you can console me. I'll let you know when it's up. In short, the whole experience was exciting, exhilarating - and exhausting. Whew, what a week.