My Very First TV Appearance!

Sometimes life is really crazy. Just a few hours yesterday's post about my lamps, I turned on the television to check and see what was on Arte's "Chic" - and guess what - they were showing my work! I know it sounds too weird to be true, my husband said it must have been "magic" or that I was completely in my "flow" yesterday, I have no idea, but it really did happen that way. Since I hadn't heard back from the film team, I was beginning to wonder if they were going show my segment at all... and then there it was!

Click here to see the German version.
Click here to see the French version.

Tip: If you'd like to skip ahead to my segment, you can scroll to the middle of the video.

You can watch me assemble the lamps

talk about my work process

put together the collage for the lamp

and see me gesturing wildly while speaking about art.

The finished products, now in my online shop.

Sophia was a bit frightened as we watched the video together the first time, and thought Mama was "in" the TV set. For a few moments, she wasn't sure which Mama was the real one. Funny and strange.

I have to admit, it was an exciting experience to have a studio visit with a television crew. I find it amazing how much time and energy goes into producing only a couple of minutes of footage. The film team and the editing staff did a nice job, and my German friends have been kind enough to tell me that my German was actually understandable and coherent :) Immmerhin.
Danke & Merci Arte!!