You are invited to tea

Would you like to come and have a cup of "Hagebuttentee" with me?

In a recent email "conversation" with Portuguese artist Sofia Barao, she mentioned that one of her favorite memories of Germany was going to cafes and having a "Hagebuttentee" - or "rose hip tea."

Which brought back memories of one of my favorite cafes in Berlin, where I used to indulge in a cup of Hagebuttentee - with a marzipan croissant - at least once a week. Today I looked into my cupboard, and yes, there was a package of "Hagebuttentee" just waiting to be brewed, as you can see in my photo! I love the color of this tea, almost like a rosé wine.

I like the old-fashioned look of the package illustration too.

What are you drinking today?