Summer Guest from England : Susannah Conway

Hi everyone, I’m Susannah from Ink on my fingers and the Unravelling e-courses. Sweet Stephanie has very kindly asked me to fill in for her while she and her husband are remodeling their apartment (sounds like a mammoth task!) so I thought I’d share a few thoughts about my summer with you all.

This year our summer has been a total wash-out, as it has been for the last couple of years. Here in England we expect the rain – it’s a normal part of our daily life – but for it to rain so much in the summer is just plain wrong, so I’ve cherished the little pockets of summery pleasure where I could find them.

The last few months have been all about Polaroids and friendship for me. I enjoyed a leisurely lunch with my family in Jamie's Italian; summer fruits for breakfast sitting in my sister’s beautiful garden; stocking up on Polaroid film like a woman possessed; shooting that film in the Bath Botantical Gardens, my secret escape from it all.

The other weekend I got together with five blogging friends and enjoyed homemade soup and a cream tea while working on our 'Vision boards' side-by-side. It was the perfect bend of craftiness and friendship, and as each of us had brought our cameras we made the most of the sunshine while it lasted. One of the joys of meeting friends through blogging is that you can come from different walks of life but still meet in the middle through your mutual love of photography and writing, sharing and journaling. I highly recommend you try a blog get-together when you next get the chance!

But my lasting memory of summer 2009 will be the rain: sheets of water falling from the sky and huge gusts of raindrops pounding against my windows. It’s been wet and damp, humid and sticky, but still, there have been moments I’ll remember forever. Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone, wherever you are!

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Thank you Susannah!