Summer Guest from New England : Sarah Ahearn

hi i'm sarah ahearn and i'm guest blogging for stephanie this week while she and her husband are working on their apartment! my husband and I just moved into a new place, so i know how much work it can be getting everything in ship shape! good luck on the house projects stephanie, and thanks for having me here! i'm excited to share with you some highlights of my summer here in new england. it's nice to look back on some of these moments, but summer sure seems to be flying by much too fast!

growing up, i spent every summer on the beach, so it was hard for me to imagine a summer without the ocean, but this summer we were out in the country and up in the hills of western massachusetts. in all honesty, this summer for me was very hectic (moving), stressful (knee surgery) and rainy (yes susannah, just like in England!), so it was really important for me to try to savor and capture some of my favorite little bits about the season. enjoy!

almost evening, after a long busy day, we tried to get out and drive around the countryside. i love the early evening light in the summer, it gives everything such a pretty, magical glow.

on our country drives, we sometimes stop for an ice cream at one of the old fashioned farm stands that sell locally made (and delicious) ice cream. i had to snap a picture of this sign at one of the ice cream windows, such great colors and with a fun, vintage feel! oh, and just for the record, my favorite ice cream is "moose tracks", a local flavor consisting of vanilla ice cream with mini peanut butter cups and chocolate swirls, while my husband always sticks with the tried and true "black raspberry".

in addition to ice cream, we also make sure to buy some healthier choices at the bountiful local farm stands and markets! i can never have too many bowls of blueberries, ripe tomatoes, or sugar sweet corn in the summer!

i'm sure that the summer evening drives will inspire and inform some of my future artwork, just like the glow of july fireflies and the sound of late night june bugs inspired this summery mixed media painting! (you can even download this image for yourself over on kindred!)

although i didn't have the ocean this summer, i was lucky enough to have plenty of bright red poppies and soft pink peonies in the backyard. not quite an even trade for sandy toes and saltwater, but beautiful nonetheless.

across the street from the chapel where we were married, (see above poppy picture) live the very "nosey" neighbors! i thought i'd end with my favorite shot of them to share with you, as you can see, they are really sweet, but always wondering what we're up to!

i hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into my country summer in new england!
be sure to pop on over to my blog, where i'll be sure to share a few more of my summer adventures that i have up my sleeve.
you can also see more of my artwork in my etsy shop: or on flickr!

thanks again for having me here stephanie & happy august!

xo *sarah

Thank you Sarah!
Your photos of New England are so peaceful and idyllic - looks like another place to add to my travel wish list :)