Summer Guest from San Francisco : Alessandra de Souza

Hi Everyone ~ I am the guest blogger 'du jour'. My name is Alessandra de Souza and I am a photographer living in San Francisco, CA.

This Summer for me is going to be remembered as the Summer of many scouting trips around the Bay Area. It's the Summer I embraced my new path as a Photographer.

It's the Summer of riding away through dirt roads and little towns in my tiny convertible, to find just the perfect spot to shoot.

It's the Summer I felt the freest and happiest of all Summers since I was 5.

It's the Summer I lived as fully as I always wanted to live.

It's the Summer of discovery. The Summer of moments of pure, creative solitude. The Summer of artistic bliss.

These images were taken at a magic cottage by the sea, near the town of Bolinas, California. The cottage overlooks Agate Beach and the adjacent Duxbury Reef State Marine Sanctuary, with its two miles of gorgeous shoreline.

For more photo adventures with me, please explore my blog "Gypsy Girl's Guide" and my shop. I'm also co-hosting an amazing photo adventure to Jordan next March. Come see and join me on a trip of a lifetime. For more info about me, you can also read my interview with Stephanie on artists who blog.

Thank you so much for having me here, Stephanie!

Thanks Alessandra and I look forward to following your upcoming trip to Jordon!