Winter Guest from Australia : Belinda Kemp

Hi, I'm Belinda and I'm very happy to be doing a guest post on Stephanie's blog while she is taking a well-deserved break with her family.

Stephanie has invited me to share some of my personal highlights for the season {which happens to be winter here in Melbourne, Australia}. I am a summer person by nature, but as the planet warms up and my life becomes more homey I am actually beginning to open my arms to this chilly season. {I get to dream about summer every morning via my blog reader which helps!}

There have been a couple of milestone events for my family this winter:
My husband turned 40. We had a birthday 'festival' for him ~ i organised a night with friends and family and we went out for a special night out together. We also had family lunch and an early-morning-chocolate-cake with the kids! {these are our sons who are almost 2 and almost 5} .

My father retired. I flew north to attend his after-work drinks to celebrate. My step- mother organised my sister {with her husband and son ~ who turned 1 this winter} and I to come to the event as a surprise for my father ~ that's him in the background, you can see he is still processing the surprise! We went out for dinner and stayed in a beautiful apartment for the night. This was a big highlight for me, as I don't get to see my sister very often, and it was the first time I have caught a plane without my little boys!! I also love the ocean. Winter is the perfect time to head north towards the ocean. {this photo was taken at dusk}.

In winter I get to spend Saturday at my desk doing what I love most. My husband and I have a deal where he has time out on Saturdays in summer to play cricket ~ and you need all day, every week for cricket!! ~ and I have the time when cricket is over. Our kids love to spend Saturdays with their Dad, and I am happy to spend the day in the room with the most natural light ~ a precious thing in winter :) {photos: the cool view from the window above my desk on a grey day + my desk in various lights}.

a couple of snap shots of our day to day life . . . the bear hoodie was a love-at-first sight shopping moment for my youngest son and I :)

This winter I have developed my line of brooches and pendants ~ which has been very exciting and a lot of fun. They have developed kind of naturally as an extension of some of my works on paper. I've really enjoyed creating one-of pieces that can live outside the home!

Thanks for reading ~ it has been fun {and an honor} to be a guest in this lovely space!
{Am looking forward to some photos of Stephanie's trip}. Happy seasonal highlights to you :)

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Thank you Belinda! What a treat to take a quick trip to the Southern Hemisphere! It was fun to have a glimpse of your winter in Australia while some of us in the North are baking in the heat.