Good News & Bad News

The bad news is: couple of weeks ago, my 3 year old daughter Sophia fell and "broke" her two front teeth.

We had hoped at the beginning that her teeth were just knocked loose, and would gradually straighten up again, but after visiting 4 dentists, it seems that they are all unanimous in their diagnosis: her teeth are broken at the roots and must be surgically removed. This is obviously news that parents do not like to hear. I know these are just "baby teeth" and there are much worse things that can happen, but still... why Sophia???

However, the good news is that Sophia is not in pain, and she is as busy creating new artwork as ever! I thought I would show you a few of her latest "masterpieces" today :)

When I look at her drawings I feel so joyful and inspired!
Hope you are having a happy, creative week too :)