Have You Ever Seen "Hops" Growing?

I don't know about you, but I had never seen hops (one of the important ingredients in beer) growing in fields before I moved to Germany. On one of our recent weekend excursions, we drove through an area to the north of Munich famous for its hops fields.

To give you an idea of how tall these vines grow, the big wooden poles are roughly the height of wooden telephone poles in the US.

After driving through the hops fields, we stumbled upon another little village called Pfaffenhofen, and got out to walk around.

While we were admiring the pleasant town square,

we were surprised by local marching bands all dressed up in their traditional costumes who suddenly came streaming in from all sides!

They were serious about their music,

and all marched over to their designated spots on the town square in a very orderly, organized German manner.

Many of the older men were wearing "Lederhosen" which I thought was cute!

It turns out that in Pfaffenhofen, they were celebrating the beginning of their annual "Volksfest" or "Town Festival" just as we arrived in town! What a nice welcome :)

Have you made any pleasant day trips lately?