A Quaint Little German Village

We've been making a few day trips on the weekends, and one of the cutest little German towns we discovered was Bad Toelz. Don't you love the architecture? The "onion-style" tower you see in the background is typical for Bavaria.

The buildings are all elaborately painted and decorated, each one more ornate than the next.

I love the hanging "icicles" on this house.

The yellow ochre color of this one looked so nice against the blue sky.

And of course, we had to stop for ice cream. What - ice cream in winter coats and hats?

Well, there is one thing I have to explain. In Germany, most of the ice cream shops are owned by Italians, and the shops are only open during the summer. The Italian owners generally go back to Italy for the winter (smart idea!), which makes ice cream a very seasonal product around here. And the ice cream (or "gelato") is delicious, always fresh and homemade. So we have to get all of the ice cream we can now, because the shops will be closing soon!

When was the last time you had homemade ice cream? Yum, I want some right now!