Studio Sneak Peek and Time Management

Hi, I realized today what a long time it has been since I've shared any artwork here... But I have to admit, I am having trouble finishing some of the new work I've started. The collage parts are finished, but the painted sections are giving me trouble - and I've promised myself not to start any new paintings before I complete what I have already begun (for better or for worse).

Do you ever have trouble with this?

For the past few weeks, I've been feeling kind of scattered. Vacations are wonderful, but they do bring you out of the rhythm of things. My sweeties started pre-school this week, which should ultimately give me more time in the studio, but now I have to create some sort of daily work schedule for myself. There is always so much housework to do, I sometimes feel guilty about painting... which I know is silly in my rational brain, but I usually want to accomplish much more in a day than is humanly possible.

Balance, it's all about work-life balance, right? How do you manage your time? Do you have an organized daily plan? I'd love to hear from you, send me your tips :)