The Tooth Fairy and The Chocolate Cake That Cracked

Sophia lost her first baby tooth this week. We placed it in a pink satin box and waited for the tooth fairy to appear overnight.

The next morning, the tooth fairy brought Sophia a magic crystal ball filled with snow and glitter

all the way back from Innsbruck, Austria ;)

Yesterday, Mama baked a special birthday cake for Lucy - a chocolate swirl cheesecake - but alas, it cracked upon coming out of the oven.

However, the cracked cheesecake was lusciously transformed by a thick dark chocolate glaze, a handful of chocolate flakes, and a dusting of cocoa.

Lucy didn't seem to mind.

She blew out the candles all by herself

and was ready to dig in!

After our cake festival, there were several presents to unwrap (minus the now completely chocolate smeared tablecloth!)

Lucy worked hard

and Sophia helped.

The aftermath was sweet.

I hope you also had a happy and eventful week too!


p.s.- Does anyone know how to keep a cheesecake from cracking?