exciting illustration news!

Something exciting happened to me today! My copy of the "Big Book of Contemporary Illustration" arrived, and...

my collage called "Sushi Magic" was right up front on page 6!

My "Caribbean Kitchen" collage made an appearance on page 299, and there are so many wonderful illustrations to look at throughout the book. I feel very,very honored to have been included!

I found illustrations from artists I already know and admire like Nate Williams

and Craig Atkinson from the UK.

This book is packed with delightful artwork in a wide variety of media from artists including Emiliano Ponzi

Amber Lloyd

and Lida Tsouhnika - who were all new discoveries for me.

Thanks so much to the author, Martin Dawber, for putting this lovely book together. If you are interested in getting a copy (no, I don't get proceeds :), you can order the book on Amazon here.

Hope you are having an exciting Wednesday too!