My Kids at Work

We got brave this weekend, covered the kitchen table with newspaper, put on our plastic aprons, and got out the watercolor paints for Sophia and Lucy.

They had so much fun and worked so hard!

Here are some of the results...

Nice work for a 2 and a 3 year old I think, but of course I am hopelessly biased!

Also, I want to thank you for your kind, lovely comments on yesterday's post showing my illustrations. Your positive feedback makes me so happy, and I love our little community of online artists, art-lovers, and creative people. It's great to be in contact with so many like-minded people, and it makes me really appreciate the beauty of the Internet and how it can connect us all over the world! Who would have thought this would all be possible 10-15 years ago? It is pretty amazing.

I hope you are having a pleasant Thursday, and tomorrow I have some pumpkin-flavored surprises in store for you...