Pumpkin and Apples

In this funny little photo, you can see Sophia's latest "flower arrangement," consisting of dried twigs and leaves that she found in the backyard and actually did arrange all by herself in a vase. And a pumpkin who will become part of the vegetable stew I intend to whip up this evening.

This is a lovely baked apple pancake I made for our Sunday morning breakfast over the weekend. The recipe was so simple, I seriously doubted that it would work. However, it turned out to be very delicious, full of apple and caramel flavors and best eaten hot out of the oven. Ours disappeared very quickly!

I found the recipe on a delightful blog called BlueBirdBaby that you can visit here. I added a little more butter, and a little less cinnamon than in her original recipe. If you try it, I bet it will become one of your breakfast favorites too :)

I have more recipes to share with you this week, and some entertaining photos of a "painting day" we had with the kids, all coming soon so keep in touch!