Quick Sneak Peak...

Hi folks, I'm back in the studio again! This morning the sun was shining so brilliantly on my work desk, and I made some new drawings which I plan to mount on wooden bases, and then add a bit of color with acrylic paints. These are at a very early stage and still very minimal, but I am looking forward to getting them finished up within the next day or two.

I hope you had a good week! I don't know if I am really more organized now, but my husband did take a couple of afternoons off, and we managed to go out to lunch for Indian food one day - which is something we both love, but never have the chance to eat anymore thanks to our picky eaters at home.

It was great to have some time off together, to speak without constant interruption, and just enjoy. Hope you did some fun things too, and I look forward to getting in the swing of things again.

Now I'm off to the post office, then I must pick up the kiddies, accompany them to another 2 year old's birthday party, then there is dinner to make, laundry to do, and, and, and... But tomorrow morning, I plan to be in the studio again :)