Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt...

Yesterday was the first Advent Sunday - a big holiday here in Germany - and we celebrated by decorating a wreath, lighting the first of four candles, and eating a homemade jam and spice cake.

This was the second year that I decorated our wreath instead of buying one at the florist shop. My husband insisted that I use red candles for the wreath, no other color would do... and Sophia asked if it was her birthday.

The jam cake is called "Linzertorte" and is actually an Austrian specialty from the city of Linz. The pastry is made with ground nuts, seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, and cocoa, then layered with red currant or raspberry jam. Pretty and very good (and easier to make than it looks - here's the recipe!)

After we celebrated Advent at home, we visited a local outdoor Christmas market with the girls, where they both had a Bratwurst in a roll.

Yes, during the summer we eat Italian ice cream, and in the winter we eat sausages and cake. I know, very healthy, but occasional treats are important :)

At the Christmas market, everything was decorated with greenery and holly and lit with candles - the windows, doors, everywhere you looked - so charming!

I hope you had a lovely weekend too - celebrating Thanksgiving or Advent or just having some time off to relax.

Tomorrow I have a big surprise to kick off December 1st, so be sure to join me!