artist advent calendar : bea rautenberg

Guess where we are today? In my "hometown" of Munich - visiting an artist friend of mine who is always making the most gorgeous things with her children at home and on her blog, which she writes in German and English. Let's see what she has in store for us...

Hello, I'm Bea, an artist/crafter living in Munich with my husband and two lovely children (a five year old boy and a three year old girl). I have a French mother but I have always been living in Germany (in the Rhineland) so my Christmas traditions are more German than French. And this is why I love to prepare my home for the advent which is really an important festive time here in Germany. It starts with the first Sunday of Advent when everyone lights the first candle of the advent wreath.

This year I made a quite traditional one with fresh spruce but with purple candles (because I wanted no red, green and white Christmas this year) and two improvised ones for the kitchen which I also like a lot.

I used sugar as false snow (but I didn't tell the kids ;-) and simple white candles. For the children the advent calendar is something they love. It is so easy to wake them up by telling them to open another little package of their calendar filled with sweets and little presents!

What I also love to do during that special time of the year is so spend the long winter afternoons at home and to do some crafting with my children. This year we made these super easy but beautiful mini-lanterns.

We chose a nice and quite heavy wrapping paper, cut it into small quarters and then folded them in the middle. Now you just have to cut regularly into the folded side, open it and glue the quarters at the long side so that you get small lanterns.

Then I just added a beautiful silver ribbon with the help of double-faced adhesive tape.

And of course, we had to make our own Christmas cookies!
It's always a big mess, but it's also really funny!

Another very special thing about Advent are all the traditional Christmas songs we love to sing together and we always read a lot of Christmas stories. All in all, I try to make the Advent time really cozy and relaxed. Because that's the most important thing about it: to spend time with the family and to prepare for the “Heilige Abend”, the evening of the 24.12. where we first go to the church (we are not very Catholic but the children love the atmosphere) and then hope that the “Christkindl “ has already arrived and brought us a lot of presents!

For the next year I will try to do more creative work and to fill my two little DaWanda-shops with a lot of new items (here I sell little fabric collages for children and I have just opened another one with a small choice of photos printed on canvas)!

Thank you so much, Stephanie! I am very honoured to have been invited to contribute to your wonderful artist Advent calendar!

Thank you Bea! All of your beautiful decorations make your apartment look like a lovely holiday wonderland :)