artist advent calendar : belinda kemp

As promised, we are taking off for Melbourne, Australia this evening to visit with Belinda Kemp aka "gretchen mist." Belinda is making whimsical, recycled Christmas ornaments for us today with a little help from her two boys.

Hi! I'm super happy to be popping in to a studio with a view for Stephanie's Artist Advent Calendar feature.

I'm a mixed media artist living in Melbourne, Australia, with my husband, Andrew and 2 little boys. I work from home {in the front half of our bedroom at a small desk} a couple of days a week.

This is a little christmas decoration-making fun with my boys! I chose to share these pics because even though I'm not a very 'traditional' type of person {unlike Andrew, who loves Christmas} I'm really starting to feel that creating some family traditions for our kids to enjoy is a good thing! I've always enjoyed making things with our oldest son and now that our youngest is 2, he can join in too!

We are recycling a paper shopping bag {the blue} and drawings that didn't make it to the wall, and using hand-coloured paper pieces as well as some special silver paper that i've had in my undies drawer for almost 7 years. {yep, I'm a hoarder!}.

This was the paper that my wedding dress was wrapped in! A little threading with an embroidery needle, wool and straws and there it is!

Christmas also represents the start of a 5-6 week break from work for Andrew, and a chance for more family time and time for my art. Celebrating the new year is important to me ~ it's a great chance to sit and think about what I want the next year to be like. We will be going through a big change next year as our 5 year old will be off to school! I'm really hoping to find/make some balance {and good health} in this creative and busy life next year :)

Thanks for having us Stephanie! Happy holiday season and especially happy 2010!

Thank you for sharing Belinda, and I'm excited about next year too! Happy holidays to you and your family as well!