artist advent calendar : heather smith jones

Hi, this is Heather, I am a guest posting today as part of Stephanie’s Artist Advent Calendar. I am an artist and instructor living in Lawrence, Kansas, USA with my husband and our three cats. I’m happy to visit today on Stephanie’s wonderful blog where I always enjoy seeing glimpses of her life in Germany!

I want to share a family tradition which began with my grandmother. She embroidered ornaments like this angel and snowman {seen above} from fabric, felt, sequins and small beads. She loved to make things with her hands and give them to others.

A number of years ago my sister and I began making ornaments and other Christmas decorations each year as a craft to do together and give to our mom.

These photos show some of the ornaments I’ve made, usually one to give each year. I like seeing years of ornaments on the tree, beginning with those made by our grandmother a long time ago.

Thank you Stephanie for inviting me to take part! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!

Thank you so much for sharing your delightful handmade ornaments Heather. What a creative family you are, and you have a lovely Christmas tradition that will be appreciated for generations to come!


I'd like to say thanks again to all of the artists who have contributed their time and talents to make this Artist Advent Calendar possible! And thank you to the readers who have been joining us every day for the holiday fun from around the world. I hope you've enjoyed the guest artist posts as much as I have! Happy holidays to you all!