artist advent calendar : lucie summers

Today we're to the UK to visit artist Lucie Summers in her newly redesigned English farmhouse. Doesn't that sound cozy!

Hello! My name is Lucie Summers and I design and print fabric under the name Summersville. I live in the east of England and I'm delighted to show you a wintery peek into the farmhouse that I share with my husband Sam and our two boys Frank and Arthur, and to give you a small taster of our English Christmas traditions.

Christmas is a funny time for me as I'm not a very wintery person, but since moving to my husband's childhood farmhouse, I've begun to get *really* excited about it this time around! When we moved last year, it was December 19th and alot of the renovation work wasn't finished and although Christmas was fine, it was a little nightmarish (lots of dust, unpainted walls, ungrouted tiles etc..) So this year, I've thrown myself into decorating our living area in my favourite Christmassy colours, red and white.

I collect different styles of ornaments every year, this time I added some little wood and paper birds and some sweet wooden hearts and reindeer. In previous years I've collected little sparkly pears and mirror balls and love the contrast of them against rusty tin snowflakes and wicker baubles. I can't just buy one ornament - I have to buy at least six, better still twelve! there's no such thing as less is more as far as my Christmas tree is concerned :)

Our tree is a white optic fibre one - I love the idea of real trees, but I can't deal with the pine needles everywhere and I don't love the thought of cutting down a tree just for a holiday this perfect! no fairy lights to grapple with, bliss! I'm a little anal when it comes to decorating it, but of course my two boys (4 and 7) love to help so I have to relax and go with the flow ;)

I'm pretty excited by having such a fabulous space to spend Christmas in, and everyday I feel so lucky to live here, whatever the season. I'm so looking forward to creating new holiday traditions with the family - a firm favourite with us all so far is toasting marshmallows on our open fire!

Here's wishing you all a magical holiday season from a shivery UK :)

I'm not big on New Year resolutions but my wish for 2010 is to for the Summersville brand to grow and to create some awesome designs...oh, and for World Peace, of course ;)

Thank you Lucie! Enjoy those toasted marshmellows, yum!