artist advent calendar : marisa haedike

Hi everyone, it's Marisa from Creative Thursday. I'm an artist living in Los Angeles, California who creates in many mediums from painting to sewing, embroidery and sculpting. I'm also a person who LOVES this time of year. This season holds a special magic to it, unlike any other for me.

Since Stephanie invited me to participate in the advent calendar, I've been trying to narrow down what is most meaningful to me during the holidays. Not an easy task at all. Yet what keeps coming to mind is how much I adore being surrounded by all the twinkly lights.

I love that entire cities become illuminated, and that almost every home adds a little sparkle to their decor whether it be through candles or christmas lights.

It is the soft warm glow of these tiny lights that inspires and holds the magic that reminds me to believe a little more in what's possible. They also hold my wishes for the new year.

I've chosen to share with you some of my favorite twinkly light photos over the last few years.

May you have a beautiful season and believe in magic a little more.

Thank you Marisa for sharing such a sweet and special post with us today! Happy holidays :)