artist advent calendar : melissa moss

Today we're visiting with artist Melissa Moss. I can relate very well to how having a child has transformed her experience of Christmas, and she made me laugh with her candid account of how holiday traditions have developed in her family.

I’m so happy to be a part of Stephanie’s Advent Calendar feature. I’m an artist living in Asheville, NC with my husband and 2 year old son. My paintings are usually very small so this year I created mini paintings/ornaments on wood.

Before I met my husband (8 years ago) I was never really into decorating for Christmas. The year we moved in together we got a tree for the first time. Neither of us had any ornaments so we ended up getting a set of ornaments at Rite-Aid and decided to buy a special ornament every year. Now we have some beautiful ornaments and this year we didn’t use any of the Rite-Aid balls!

The year that I was pregnant with my son we got a pickle ornament (to represent my cravings) and when he was born I bought an adorable ornament on Etsy of a baby inside a walnut shell. This year he is really into drumming so I got a drum set ornament (also on Etsy) for him.

Now that we live in Asheville, NC (instead of Los Angeles) we have a new tradition of going to a local Christmas tree farm and cutting down our own tree. It feels like such a country thing to do and since we always forget to water the tree it's best that we start with a really fresh one.

We also have a snowman collection. Several years ago my mom sent me a snowman for the holidays and has sent me at least one snowman every year since. This year when I got them out of storage Sam grew quite attached to the snowman family so we’ll see if they make it back into the collection.

Each year on Christmas morning we get up, put on some holiday music (I love my Partridge Family Christmas CD, but my husband could do without it) and make Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. I don’t know how this tradition got started but we do it every year and we eat every single one of them until our stomachs feel (and look) like they’re going to explode.

After being kind of a scrooge in my younger years, I'm really loving Christmas now, especially seeing it through Sam’s eyes. He really gets the whole present thing and was so excited when we opened up all of the ornaments. He insists on turning on the tree lights first thing in the morning.

Thank you, Stephanie. Happy Holidays!!

Thank you Melissa! I want to see a photo of you all after eating those Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls ;) Have fun and enjoy yourselves!