artist advent calendar : nina van de goor

In December, I will be featuring an artist a day as a special "Artist Advent Calendar!" Come travel around the world with me and visit these talented artists at home to find out what they are up to during this holiday season. Thank you to all of the artists who are participating for your time and generosity!

Today we'll start by visiting Nina Van de Goor in her cozy, colorful home in the Netherlands:

I'm Nina, blogger and crafter/designer of Ninainvorm. To be honest, I don't do much seasonal/holiday decoration in my home, it always looks more or less the same here: as light and colorful as possible! Since we don't have that much light and sun here in the Netherlands, I like to bring the sunshine in in other ways.

I'm not very attached to Christmas as a holiday: partly because I'm not religious and therefore those days don't have the same meaning to me as they have to others, partly because I associate Christmas with cold and winter and those aren't my favorite things, and partly because the usual green-red Christmas decoration isn't really my cup of tea.

So when I add some small holiday decorations, I like to choose non-traditional, colorful stuff to cheer up these dark and cold winter days.

Chocolate and cookies always help!

I found the little vintage bird christmas decoration that you see on the first image in a retro shop in Antwerp a few weeks ago. I love these old christmas decorations much better than the shiny new stuff!

I made the cookies last year during the holiday.

These little angels are made of chocolate.

My wish for the New Year is finishing my university thesis and slowly expanding my shop and the products that I make (I would love to some more with fabric for example).

Thank you Nina! Happy Holidays!