artist advent calendar : samantha hirst

We're off to Northern California today to visit artist Samantha Hirst, who is very busy making and baking for the holidays with her family.

Before I had children, I always decorated for Christmas with green and silver, but as soon as my kids were born, those colors seemed so sterile and ever since I've been decorating my home for the holiday with red and white and gingerbread. Every year, my kids and I make gingerbread cookie ornaments for the tree. We use this recipe from Martha Stewart which is really spicy and delicious.

It was this tradition that inspired my holiday goods in my own Inklore shop.

For the first time this year, we are using a home-made advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. Some of the days have a small chocolate, and some have a small toy or new art supply. Most of them, though, are filled with activities to do together, like driving around in our pajamas to look at Christmas lights, or baking something sweet and then sharing it with our neighbors.

The trees are outside in the courtyard and my daughter's love of whimsy inspired me to add a bit of decoration out there.

The wreath is where I will gather Christmas cards from friends and family.

In my family, it has always been Christmas breakfast that is the most important holiday meal. My grandfather was Swedish, so we have always had Swedish pancakes and then loads of other yummy things to eat. It is so much fun to watch the traditions that I grew up with being passed down to my kids, and I hope that some of the new traditions I've started with them will be handed down to their kids someday....

Thank you for sharing Sam! Your traditions sound so delicious and fun :)