artist advent calendar : sarah ahearn

Today's guest, artist Sarah Ahearn, shares some of her charming New England holiday traditions. Oh how I wish I had fresh cranberries for my tree too! Lucky girl :)

hello! happy december!

my name is sarah ahearn and i am a mixed media painter from new england. thanks to stephanie for asking me to share a glimpse into my little corner of the world for the advent artist series! i have to say, i really love this season, but especially wonderful this year because we have moved back home, back to new england, and close to family and friends. it's unseasonably warm here now, but i'm hoping for some snow for Christmas! the best parts of a chilly new england winter is that the sky is usually crisp and clear and bright blue!

i wanted to share a little adventure we had last weekend with you~ we headed out into the hills to kick off the festive holiday season with a trip to what's called moonlight magic. (great name, isn't it!?) the celebration of the season is held every year in early December up in a little hilltown of Western Massachusetts.

the streets are lined with luminaries, lights are stung, carols are sung, food and hot chocolate is served, and all of the lovely shops and galleries stay open really late.

although it was very cold and windy, we had a great time all bundled up as headed strolled along the streets to soak it all in. i hope you'll like the photographs, i think they capture the magic of the night.

one of the important things we like to be sure to do this season is to bring the outdoors in!

my favorite ways to do that are with freshly picked, bright red winterberries, planting paperwhite bulbs and stringing local cranberries for the tree.

and last but not least, it's not the holidays without my very special advent calendar that I've had since I was little.

my mom made these for my sister and me over thirty years ago, and there hasn't been a year that i haven't had it hanging up for the holidays...

thanks so much to stephanie for asking me to share my favorite parts of this special season! best wishes to all for health, joy, peace and happiness throughout the holidays and into the new year! *sarah

Thank you for sharing Sarah. Your delightful enthusiasm sure gets me into the spirit!