Celebrating Lucia Day

Yesterday morning, I was up early baking some special Swedish foods to celebrate December 13th, Lucia Day - which is also my little girl's "name day" in Bavaria.

Swedish artists Camilla Engman and Sandra Juto helped me find a good recipe for Lucia Buns this year. I'm not usually very good with yeast doughs, but these saffron-scented buns turned out fairly well.

We also made homemade Pepparkakor - or Swedish Gingerbread - which was wonderful, especially warm out of the oven!

These fun gingerbread girl and boy cookie cutters from the 70s are the same ones I used as a child.

The night before, we added the spices to Camilla's gloegg recipe.

After a visit to the Christmas market to ride the carousel, we came home to light the advent wreath, warm up the gloegg, and serve up our Lucia day treats.

The smile on Lucy's face when she saw her cake lit with candles made all the work worthwhile!

I hope you had a beautiful holiday weekend as well :)