Our Holiday Celebration and Happy 2010 to You!

In Germany, it's traditional for the family to decorate the Christmas tree together on the 24th of December. This makes Christmas Eve very special, when we all sit together after dinner and finally turn on the lights of the tree. We also lit up lots of candles to give the living room a special glow this year.

Papa played some German holiday songs on the guitar for us, and we enjoyed a peaceful evening with homemade Christmas cookies with hot spiced punch by candlelight.

On Christmas morning, the children woke up to find heaps of presents sent to us by generous grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles from around the world - and of course a few from Santa Claus :)

Lucy and Sophia worked hard to open their presents,

and more presents,

until the entire room was filled with scraps of wrapping paper and ribbons and toys and clothes galore. But the chaos of Christmas morning is part of the fun, don't you agree?

Our Christmas roses are still blooming today, reminding us of how blessed we are by beauty, love, and health in our family. I hope you also had a joyous holiday celebration with your loved ones as well, and I look forward to seeing you here again in 2010!