artist advent calendar : sandra juto

We are travelling to the far North today to visit with artist Sandra Juto in Sweden, who is sharing some delightful looking Swedish holiday treats and some lovely snowy photos! Bundle up and let's go!

Hello, I'm Sandra Juto and I'm being part of Stephanie's advent
calendar. Thanks for the invitation. I will share some pictures from last year, when I went to visit my family over the Christmas holidays. They celebrate Christmas in a pretty traditional, yet not religious, way and I like to take part in their celebrations every now and then :)

This is the first Christmas decoration I ever made, and one of very few
I own. I made it when I was 4 and I still wonder why I made it as a
Christmas decoration, but it has followed me ever since.

Pepparkakor (Gingerbread) and Lussekatter (Saffron buns) are the most important fika breads around Christmas. They are fun to make, delicious with Glögg (Glühwein or hot spiced wine) and look great on the fika table. I love decorations that you can eat.

Nature designs the best Christmas decorations and I spent all my childhood high up in the north with lots of snow and cold temperatures. Sometimes the sky is decorated with northern lights.

Happy Holidays from Sandra!

Happy Holidays and thank you Sandra! Christmas in Sweden looks like lots of wintery fun!