my new year's resolution #1 : exercise

I've been setting some goals for myself for 2010, and one of the first things on my list is to get more exercise and spend more time outside with the girls. Sound familiar?

You wouldn't think it should be that hard, chasing little kids around every day, but I often find it difficult to take time out for walks, although I know it does me good. This week a fresh layer of snow invited us to go out together and have some fun.

Sophia especially enjoyed throwing snowballs

and the playground proved to be a special adventure when covered in snowy whiteness.

Even though I've been living in Germany for quite a while, where wintertime snow isn't unusual, I am still fascinated by this fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky and blankets everything in such a magical way.

I've vowed to do my best to make walking a part of my daily routine this year - and I promise to take my camera along to show you the sights I discover along the way.

Do you have any exercise tips for days when the weather outside isn't nice at all? I'm thinking of getting an exercise video for those days, and I'd love to hear any suggestions you have!

Hope you are enjoying some fresh air in your neck of the woods :)