new year's resolution #4 : buy fresh flowers and herbs

Years ago, I used to be good with plants and flowers. I actually thought I had something of a green thumb! Then I moved several times, had children, and my plants and blooming flowers slowly withered away from neglect.

But I am aiming change my ways and show the "green things" in my life more love in 2010! To get started, I bought some fresh potted herbs for the kitchen windowsill (rosemary, peppermint, and parsley), along with some cheerful red tulips to brighten things up.

Because of the proximity to Holland, fresh tulips and other flowers are available everywhere here in Germany and not expensive at all. I must remember to pick up a small bouquet more often - just looking at them makes me happy!

I also purchased a few wintery white roses for the living room. The vases - this is my super fast, super easy decorating tip for today - were formerly applesauce jars that I wrapped in a bit of metallic paper and tied with a ribbon. A festive and fun way to greet January!

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy yourself some flowers today, or a pretty blooming plant, or some tasty herbs! You are worth it :)