new year's resolution #5 : visit new places

I love making spontaneous day trips to local villages, as I'm sure you have already noticed. Last week, we managed to squeeze in a visit to Freising, a little town north of Munich, which is famous for its beautiful Old City and "Dom."

We walked down snowy lanes,

admired the frosty white rooftops,

trudged up the hillside,

and climbed the many steps to the "Dom" - German for cathedral.

Finally, we arrived at the church, which had a rather plain exterior

but was absolutely breathtaking on the inside.

I believe it was the most ornate cathedral I've ever seen.

Every surface seemed to be painted or carved in incredible detail.

I thought about how many artisans have worked here for hundreds of years, and I felt rather awed. It was our second cathedral visit this year already, but the snowy cold weather seems to be leading us to interior spaces in wintertime Germany. Afterwards, we warmed up at a charming Italian cafe with hot panini and latte macchiato.

My resolution for this 2010 isn't only about visiting new cities or villages - I want to get to know Munich better as well. There are still so many shops, cafes, and galleries where I've never been, and I want to take more time to explore and create my own little daily adventures this year!

Where do you want to go in 2010?