paper snowflakes and a chocolate zoo

Brrr... it's cold outside here in Germany, so we've been doing our best to keep warm and make fun, sparkly, and delicious things around here at home, which has included making paper snowflakes covered in white and silver glitter and chocolate cookies with sprinkles :)

First we carefully cut out our snowflakes

and then we added the glitter, this was the fun part.

In the end, we had a silvery, sparkly set of snowflakes, which are now hanging from our ikea chandelier in the hallway entrance and greeting everyone who comes in the door with a light shower of glitter.

Of course, you know we couldn't forget about our tastebuds

so we baked chocolate shortbread hearts that we covered in a chocolate glaze for a little pre-Valentine's day celebration :)

We also tried out the new animal cookie cutters that we got as Christmas presents from my sister-in-law

and made an edible zoo! Maybe I should bake these again for Sophia's 4th birthday party next week, what do you think? They did disappear quickly.

Hope you are having a cozy day yourself!