My Summer Collection 2010 (or 21 Travel Ideas for Food, Flowers, & Happiness)

Where would you like to go today?
We could start with a breakfast cafe in Sydney

or perhaps you'd prefer coffee and flowers in Adelaide?

We could hop over to Edinburgh for tea

enjoy the Old World charm of Budapest

or visit San Francisco for coffee and cupcakes - so many delicious possibilities...

Maybe you'd rather stay at home in a cozy kitchen in Madrid

or visit an artist's loft in the South of France in Marseille.

The spicy cusine of Santa Fe is certainly tempting

& the flowery Spanish courtyards in Cordoba are pretty too.

We could fly down to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca

or relax in the Southern charm of historic Charleston.

A luxurious bath in Istanbul would be lovely

Vienna is enchanting too

& Palm Springs is a true spa oasis.

We could go on a summer picnic

and take a little wine and cheese and fruit.

Everything always tastes better on a picnic, don't you agree?

Don't forget the fresh spring flowers - good for the spirit

and the eyes

and the soul!

For dessert, I baked homemade cookies. How many would you like?

I hope you enjoy all of this new artwork :) You can find the entire collection now in my shop.

More on our "real" travel tales soon - I'm working on it!