along the Baltic Sea coast : a visit to Luebeck

Let's get our priorities straight here: the marzipan cake from Luebeck is famous all over Germany, so you know I definitely had to try a piece! This slice got a little smushed during transport from the bakery, but it tasted oh so good. Layers of marzipan almond paste with vanilla scented whipped cream and cake, and not too sweet, just right :)

The Holstentor (Holsten City Gate), Luebeck's landmark, is a very distinctive symbol of the city which dates back to 1464, when the wealthy city inhabitants continually had to defend themselves from seafaring invaders.

On the left side of the Holstentor, there is a row of quite pretty brick buildings on the river, formerly used to store salt. At that time, salt was so precious, it was called "white gold" and was a major contributor to Luebeck's wealth. Whenever my husband sees historic buildings like these with large windows, he says - "wow, those would make great artist studios, wouldn't they?" Yep.

I loved strolling through the streets and enjoying the unique style of architecture here.

We also visited a beautiful church, the Marienkirche, which has delicate, intricately painted walls and ceilings - and is enormous!

Of course, Sophia and Lucy enjoyed the historic carousel on the market square most of all. We liked the fact that the animals were made out of real carved and painted wood - instead of plastic - and so much prettier. The older man who ran the carousel kept giving us free rides; I think he was charmed by our girls! On the very last ride, he played the theme songs for "Heidi" and "Pippi Longstocking," which are two of the girls favorite films - and they were in heaven :)

The copper rooftops of the Marienkirche towered over the market square and carousel.

Luebeck most impressed me in how friendly the people were to us and to our children. In Germany, I have always been told that in coastal cities, people tend to be more relaxed and open to newcomers. I really felt this in the atmosphere in Luebeck. Despite rain and overcast skies, everyone seemed to be in a good mood, and no one was annoyed by our sometimes rambunctious children. Refreshing sea wind and refreshing people. And of course I won't forget that marzipan cake :)

Tomorrow: the town of Wismar and the Schwerin castle!