Day 2 : German road trip : Erfurt

The city of Erfurt, founded in 742, greeted us on day 2 with rain showers and bombastic Medieval architecture. Here you see the Severikirche, St. Mary's Cathedral and the Erfurter Domplatz, which are quite impressive and make you feel very, very small.

Our girls didn't mind the rain at all, in fact they loved it. All those puddles to jump in! Good thing we remembered to pack the galoshes. Travel tip: don't visit Germany, even in the summertime, without waterproof clothing.

Erfurt has a charming, beautifully restored Old Town, which was delightful to explore.

There were many gorgeous, intricately painted facades,

and a lovely cobbledstoned bridge called the Kraemerbruecke or Merchant's Bridge, which is supposedly the longest inhabited bridge (120 meters long) in Europe.

Little cafes lined the bridge

and cute shops

selling everything from gourmet mustards (we bought some fig mustard, very nice!) to vintage teapots.

This historic bridge spans the Gera River as you can see here. Aerial photographs give you a better view, but alas I did not have my helicopter along.

The girls discovered a Sandman figure sitting on a park bench. The Sandman is a popular figure from former East Germany, who still wishes the children good night in short, charming, claymation sequences every evening on television here.

I thought these houses with their back porches hanging directly over the river were interesting. Wouldn't mind having one of those as a vacation home, he he!

Tomorrow we travel through bright yellow blooming canola fields on our way to Quedlinburg. This little city is entirely under UNESCO status because of its unusual, well-preserved architecture. One of the real highlights of our entire trip. Join us!