Day 3 : German road trip : Quedlinburg

Quedlinburg was also rainy, but that did provide the girls with more opportunities to dance in the rain puddles. We were unfortunately not blessed with good weather for most of our trip - but on the positive side, we all stayed healthy!

I realized this morning that my photographs of Quedlinburg do not do it justice. In 1992, Quedlinburg deservedly received UNESCO status as a World Heritage site. The entire town, every street and alley, is lined with half-timbered houses, most of which date back to the 17th and 18th century. Everywhere you look feels like a trip back in time; it's kind of overwhelming. You have to keep reminding yourself, this isn't Disney, this is the real thing!

Each house is unique and unusual

and many houses feature very intricately carved and painted wooden panels.

Quedlinburg is not touristy, which was a pleasant contrast to Rothenburg. At the same time, a rather eerie atmosphere hung over the town, and most of the cafes were empty.

Maybe it was just the rain, or because it was off-season

but several of the shops seemed to be waiting for customers.

Some houses are in dire need of repair

while others have been lovingly restored.

Lucy made a sport out of posing by the flower pots and demanding that I take her picture.

Our last view of Quedlinburg was the "Schlossberg" (or castle), which towers imposingly over the town.

Next stop: Goslar