Greece, Paris, and Munich

Remember those commissions I was working on?
I finished and delivered the collages at the beginning of the week, and they now belong to an adorable American family who has been living in Europe for the past 6 years. This family is in the process of moving back to the States, and they wanted artwork that would reflect some of the places they've lived and visited while abroad. Isn't that a great idea?

The first collage depicts a few of their memories of Greece, featuring a view of Santorini, Corinthian columns, and a Greek windmill.

A collage of Paris, where they lived for 2 years, includes drawings of their former neighborhood, a traditional Parisian sign from their street, and one of my European cafe sketches.

The first collage they commissioned had their beautiful Munich apartment as the theme, and I focused on the unique, historical architectural elements in my drawings.

What did I find out about this process? That I love doing commissions, and it was a very new and interesting experience to work with someone else's photographs and suggestions. I especially enjoyed their idea of using artwork as a special way to capture vacation memories for a lifetime.

How do you capture your vacation/life/travel experiences? Have you ever worked on a commission before?