the kindness & generosity of "strangers"

Yesterday, a wonderful surprise package from the Netherlands arrived in the mail from someone I just "met" on this incredible thing we are using to connect called the "Internet." Bai is an amazing artist/seamstress whose textile creations caught my eye in her etsy shop.

Bai wrote me that she is a fan of my artwork, and generously asked for my postal address so that she could send me these unique papers that she purchased in Italy. Just because she thought I might be able to use them in my collages - isn't that kind?!

She also included this beautiful handmade/hand-stitched card and a sweet note. Her skirts and bags are like collages with textiles, and I am a fan! You can check out her entire portfolio - with links to her shop and blog - here. Thank you so much Bai!

Bai's generous gift reminded me yesterday that I am hopelessly overdue in sharing some mind-blowing artwork that I have received during the past months as part of an art exchange I participated in. But better late than never, right, so get ready to met some wonderful new artists!

Heather Murphy is an extremely talented artist who creates collages and unique, lovely web designs. She sent me a beautiful, beautiful original collage that I adore, and a cool postcard from artist Lisa Congdon. I am so glad to have discovered her, and when I have the opportunity to hire a professional web designer, I know exactly who I will ask :)

Laura Ferrara was also so gracious to send me original artwork - wow! - and she keeps a lovely blog of her artwork called Larabee and Liza here. Her very successful etsy shop is called emerson bookcase, have a look!

Irene Nam is an incredible photographer living in Paris - lucky her! - and she sent me this set of cool polaroid postcards. My photos don't do these postcards justice at all - the surface of the postcard is matt, and while the polaroid photo image is glossy - gorgeous! Irene is all over the place, you'll find her photos in books, magazines, everywhere. You can learn more about her and see her portfolio here.

Anais Massini is a French artist and illustrator who also has a beautiful blog - with gorgeous color and delicious French recipes. She sent me this unique, fun, limited edition, little book to assemble, just lovely! I adore her use of color and pattern :)

Cecilia Petterson is a Swedish artist from Gothenburg who sent me this intricately drawn print and postcard. Her blog is another example of unmistakable great taste from Sweden!

Hanna Aberg, also from Gothenburg, Sweden, sent me this delightful handmade bag and photo, so kind. Check out her fabulous photos on her blog here. Another talented artist from Sweden to keep your eyes on!

This yummy 2010 calendar is hanging in my children's room - a lovely gift from Kristina Klarin in Milan, Italy!

The gorgeous, lightly textured papers in this unique, hand-illustrated calendar make it very special to the entire family. Kristina has just opened a new shop with colorful, unique jewelry - another shop for my wish list :)

Thank you Bai, Heather, Laura, Irene, Anais, Cecilia, Hanna, and Kristina! I appreciate your overwhelming generosity and it is so nice to have "met" you! I'm glad we are not strangers anymore!


Have you participated in any art exchanges lately, or made new friends through the Internet? I would love to hear your stories of friendship, kindness, and generosity too :)