northward bound, onto the sea!

Today we'll travel to Goslar to see a 1000 year old Kaiser's palace and lots of slate covered houses, then journey onto Luneburg to see more unusual architecture and stunning stained glass windows, and we'll end up on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Kiel. Are you ready?!

Goslar is another UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its unique slate covered houses and the "Kaiserpfalz."

The historic gray houses are very striking, much prettier in real life

and some of the details on the houses are quite intricate. We watched workers renovating an older house as they carefully hammered each piece of overlapping slate individually onto the sides and roof.

In the middle of the town, there was a pretty stone church

and a beautiful, fancy, historic library. I wouldn't mind browsing for books there!

We walked on to the "Kaiserpfalz" or Emperor's palace, which was another huge, bombastic building flanked with larger than life bronze statues of famous men on horseback.

These days even mixed breed, non blue bloods like us are allowed to play on the lawn (probably causing the former Kaiser to roll over in his grave!)

The girls picked dandelions

and looked very charming in the process.

Next, we were off to Lueneburg, a cute town where all the building facades were covered with bricks instead of stone

and most everyone seemed to be riding a bike.

In the main town cathedral, we discovered gorgeous stained glass windows

and I especially liked this modern variation.

After what seemed like a very long drive, we arrived in Kiel where we met friends and were treated to a delicious homemade dinner of lasagne and salad. The next morning we got up early, put on our rain gear again, and wandered along the beach.

Sophia and Lucy enjoyed looking for sea shells

and Sophia perfected throwing stones into the water.


I hope I'm not boring you too much with all of my vacation photos! It's fun for me to look through our photographs and remember what we did and the towns we visited, and I hope it is at least mildly interesting for you too! Next week, we will journey further along the coast, visit another castle or two, and then we'll go to Berlin - which is my absolute favorite city in Germany.

Have a great weekend! Are you planning any trips yourself this summer?