Thank You Everyone + Some News :)

First of all, thank you for all of the positive comments on my new collage series. It's always a little bit scary presenting new artwork, and so it means a lot to me to enjoy such a lovely welcome from you all. I did have fun making the artwork, and I hope that this joyful spirit comes through in my finished pieces!

The bit of exciting news I want to share with you today started with a phone call a couple of months ago from Anke Leitzgen for Eltern Family, which is something like the German version of "Parents" magazine. She told me that she was writing an article on entrepreneurial mothers who had started their own creative online businesses, and asked if I would like to participate. Well, of course I said yes - after I recovered from my shock!

The article, titled "Creative, Self-employed, and Mother," was published in this month's edition, and I picked up a copy while we were on vacation. Five "creative mothers" from all over Germany were profiled, and I feel so lucky to be in such wonderful company! Anke wrote a highly informative article, a great resource for anyone wanting to start an online creative business.

The lovely and talented Petra Stockhausen, who looks like a model herself (tall, blonde, German) did the photoshooting in my studio, which was a lot of fun.

Yes, that's me and some of my artwork. I was having a bit of a bad hair day, but no matter, Petra did a great job. *Thank you Anke and Petra, this was a very exciting opportunity for me!*

In the interview, I emphasized the importance of *blogging* as a way of meeting new people who are interested in art and creativity, making contacts, and exposing your work to a larger audience. I also mentioned three of my favorite art and design blogs - poppytalk, design*sponge, and decor8 - who have all been incredibly kind and generous in helping to spread the word about my artwork during the past two years. Thank you Jan, Grace, and Holly! To those of you out there who are making amazing art or other handmade items - my advice is - don't be shy.

Of course my blogging is actually about you - my wonderful readers - who make it all purposeful and worthwhile. Thank you for taking the time to check out my artwork, giving me feedback, and for being so encouraging and supportive. Your comments give me so much energy to keep pursuing my dreams. Thank you for being there!