We celebrated in the Czech Republic, come along...

Over the weekend my husband turned the big 4-0, and to celebrate the occasion we made an excursion to the Czech Republic to visit the historic town of Cesky Krumlov. There is something particularly exciting about crossing the border to a new country with an unfamiliar language, a different currency, and foods that are a bit different from those at home. These chocolate crepes served with fresh fruit and real whipped cream were presented so beautifully, I just had to capture them in a photo.

The cappuccino and the apple strudel were awfully good too...

But the Czech Republic isn't just about food; the beer is famous too. These mugs hold beer from the original Budweiser brewery, located near Cesky Krumlov - and this beer, I must tell you bears little resemblance to the American version. For one thing, the alcohol content is 12% - something we didn't realize until the next day!

A gorgeous castle greets you in Cesky Krumlov and a lovely river flows through the town.

The ornate castle tower perches impressively at the top of a hill overlooking the city.

When Sophia and Lucy found out that we were going to visit the castle, they couldn't wait...

and Sophia did a spontaneous dance for all the past princes and princesses in the castle courtyard.

The amazing thing about the castle walls is that all of the individual stones and carvings are painted!

Masterpieces of illusory trompe l'oeil architectural painting!

A sundial gave us the time on the wall by the castle gardens.

The views of the city from the hilltop castle were quite romantic

and from the city streets below, one could almost always look up to see the castle tower.

The city square boasted a variety of architectural styles and colors

I liked the pretty pale green house against the deep blue sky

This facade was lovely too

even this crumbling red building had a certain charm

and I loved how the morning sunlight glowed on this wall.

The artist Egon Schiele spent lots of time here, but was his lifestyle was too unconventional to please the town residents 100 years ago, and they eventually asked him to leave. Now he has his own museum.

The icing on the cake was our charming room at the bed and breakfast with a canopy bed, so pretty!

The girls had their own "children's room" with twin beds and space to spread out toys and art supplies.

If you are ever in the Czech Republic, perhaps visiting Prague, be sure to take a 1-2 day trip down to Cesky Krumlov - it is definitely worth seeing.
Good-bye Cesky Krumlov, we'll miss you!


I hope you've been having adventures of your own while I was away on our mini-birthday-vacation. I'll be sharing more of my summer reading list and more artwork this week too.