Window Shopping

I did some early morning window shopping this week, and this is a collection of a few things I saw in my neighborhood. Fun and eclectic...

I love this inspiration board that I saw posted in a window. Isn't that a fun collection? I didn't even notice the postcard of Cary Grant until I looked at the photo at home.

There was also beautiful handmade jewelry to sigh over,

very pretty, but with a price :)

I fell in love with these gorgeous hand printed ceramic pieces.

I adore how the artist combined the drawn images with splashes of color - reminding me of the layers of a collage!

When I see all of the beauty other people are creating it makes me so happy!
Where have you seen beauty this week? Was it in nature or was it something someone made - or both?

Have a joyful, creative weekend! We will be doing some birthday celebrating - my husband is turning 40 on Sunday! I'll see you next week!