does art follow life, or does life follow art?

Recently I was sorting through my photographs and artwork, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover some connections between the two. Often I wonder what the heck I am doing, and if the range of images that appear in my artwork have any correlation with one another.

It was fun today to find that my seemingly random collection of photographs that appear here on my blog surface quite often in my artwork. Interesting how it all pulls together on some level - and I wasn't even aware of it. Has this happened to you before?

Do you see what I mean? Funny! It makes me wonder if my artwork is following and documenting my life - or if my life is following my art. I suppose I am attracted to similar images and objects/foods in my daily life and in my art, but I like how my life and art are visually merging here on my blog.

How do the photographs on your blog connect with your artwork and creative projects?

I hope to have some new drawings to share with you tomorrow :)
Happy Monday!