Lucy as Dorothy

Lucy has decided that she is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Each day, she takes special care to construct her outfit as accurately as possible. Notice the blue dress with a short sleeve white undershirt, Toto the dog, Dorothy's basket, and the *ruby* slippers. Of course, she must wear pigtails while she is waiting for her braids to grow. Lately, she has added a handkerchief to the basket, so that she can reinact the scene where Dorothy is locked up in the witch's tower and cries because she misses Auntie Em.

I am not making this up - this two year old child put her outfit together all by herself! I must wash her "Dorothy dress" several times a week so that she can wear it as often as possible. 

As you can see, her *ruby* slippers are very much loved.

Do you think we have a budding actress here?

How do your children/nieces/nephews/grandchildren like to dress up?